edit1.jpgThe one thing in life that everyone struggles to get in life is happiness.This can only come when one is in an environment where he/she feels welcomed loved and taken care off. If all these are accessible then all the rest can always be nothing to care or worry about.The hardest part is always letting go and never taking part in what we do to make our happiness.Meet these young man from the streets of kibera who was really happy to tell us all about his hardest part in business. He started this business over four years ago with different ideas in mind that it was never going to make any thing change in his life.Something which he never thought will ever come to and end and if he will ever make something out of it once in life.The hardest part was me thinking that i could never make it in life through these small business that now helps me provide something that can sustain my small family,take my children to school and help me pay for the bills.I was never in happiness to work under these environment with different people walking and just passing by.It took time before i found many people who could buy my coaches with different  styles of coach covers and make them to some attractive seats.The hardest part can always be avoided through taking parts to make your happiness real.

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