Something that is also being spread through music,through politics,its being tought in schools,it is written on the big billboards across many nations and cities.its something that many many tend to fight for but they don’t get it.to see a child lying by the street without his or her parents,which appears very sad. Syrian child,Lebanon children,Somalian children,Burundian children,Afghanistan children,Iraq children,Burma children,Congo children,Congolese children,Sudanese children,Vietnam children,Eritrea children,Chinese children and some children who have no been mentioned on my least.what do we say about them?do they also have their right .and if they have their rights why does a child have to die by the street like this, why does he or she has to struggle across the street like this and why is no one there to take care of them.show your strength here and make the rights be known.

11988275_516620991827493_2183831734306950115_n (1)

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